Sunday, November 2, 2008


****Hadley the flower****

****Gabe the monkey****

****Chloe the black cat****

****Jonah is Robin****

****Brytan is Hermione****

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I ran in The Run for the Cure

Today I ran in "The Race for the Cure". A 5K race earning money for Breast Cancer. Craig's mom was diagnosed a few weeks ago with breast cancer and it has been an emotional time for all of us. She has undergone surgery to remove the tumor and will start radiation in a few weeks. I haven't ran in a long time, but I really wanted to run in this race. I ran 3.1 miles four times in the last week and a half trying to gain some confidence that I could actually do it. I could do it, just not very fast. In fact it was 37 degrees and very windy this morning for the race and my goal was just to not walk any of it and I didn't, it felt great. Brytan ran some of it too and walked some of it with her Grandma, Craig's mom. It was a great experience for her and it made her excited to run some more.
I owe all credit for this blog to my sister Chandra, who has been telling me to do one forever and finally just did it for me. So, I thank her. Hopefully I will occasionally add to this and let everyone know what we have been doing.